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Monday, April 24, 2006

The Art of Heckling !

Salam, Baseball is not as big in the Middle East as in the United States. I have been to few games and I always get a kick at the crowd heckling the players or the umpire. So THIS site is taking heckling to another level and posting the best heckling lines.

I'm posting some of my favorite lines:
  • (Hold up cell phone) Hey Ump, is this your cell phone? Because it has three missed calls!
  • Hey Blue! That pitch was like your blind date, you didn't want to see her or call her.
  • I've gotten better calls from my ex-wife!
  • Did you made the call on WMD in Iraq as well?
  • If you're just gonna watch the game, buy a ticket
  • Flip over the plate and read the directions.



Luai said...

I am a huge heckler. I absolutely love games are great to do it at, but baseball with its slow pace and close to the action and dugout seats allows for the best heckling. And if you get there for BP then it is even more enjoyable. I enjoy heckling so much, I heckle the other fans. I've had security come stand next to me a few times. It's always in good taste and without the foul language. I like working the refs or umpires too cause they may give you a call that goes your teams way!

And just this past Saturday I was thrown out of an indoor soccer game featuring my brother in an U-18 league. I am the ultimate heckler!

Rambling Hal said...

Hi Palforce, I have no idea what you mean by heckling and I still barely get it, hehehehe, habla shwai, but I'm gonna take this opportunity and thank you for letting me know about BP!! I was worried, I thought ma 7asad had powers!! I am never gonna a7sed anyone ever again! ;)

Oh, and thank you for linking to me, you people are all so NICE!

PALFORCE said...

Heckling would be teasing the other team or the Umpire.
I was worried about you worrying yourself to death.
Wanted to be the first to serve you the good news.
I feel bad for those victims and I'm sick of all the violence in the world.

God save us all.