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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gorilla Suit

Salam, So I decided to get a gorilla suit and use it as another marketing idea, because my store is located on the main drag. Well, I went on eBay and i found me a good deal on a brand new gorilla suit so I went ahead and purchased one. I could not find anyone to wear it and go stand outside and wave to the 450,000 passing cars everyday..( that's what I was told prior to buying the store). So, I hung the suit right behind me so all my customers get to see a full gorilla suit hanging on the wall, then people start asking me why do I have that on and i tell them I'm looking for someone to wear it for 3 hours 3 days a week. I started offering $8/hour and I could not get anyone to go for it. Well, yesterday this Latino customer asks me about and I tell him I'm looking for someone to wear it, he said I will do it and we agreed on Saturday (which is today)<-- I will be back to him. Yesterday (Friday) a customer .. a lady.. that said she will do it and she came back at 3 p.m and wore it and had a blast , she was dancing hip hop and people were honking each time they pass by the shop. It was fun. back to today, the guy came at the time he promised and he put the suit on, I can see him outside, my problem is he is acting like a gorilla and making a gorilla sounds, (3ayesh edooor). he is becoming the suit it is so freaky, I'm even afraid to approach him and tell him to loosen up. Oh well, I guess I will let him have his day and then after that NO BANNANA FOR YOU!. I like the hip hop lady better. LOL Peace


Dar said...

Haha :) 3ayesh el door , 3ajbatni hai , hada best3'el men 2alb o rab , lol that is 3anjad funny :)

hamede said...

Hi palforce.
you do sprint,nextel,i do to.

Ziad said...


PALFORCE said...


Yes I got T-Mobile-Boost-Sprint-Nextel(next month or 2).

Where you ate which state?


hamede said...

We are indirect sprint,nextel exclusive.
our market north and south ohio,north ky,south indiana.
i am in cincinnati.

PALFORCE said...


I have been thinking about going Sprint exlusive, but I'm not sure if this is the route I should take. I'm still enjoying Boost and T-Mobile. But to be honest with you I di 80% Sprint/nextel - 10% Boost - 10% T-Mobile.

So I might end up going that route, I just need to give T-Mobile mroe time :-)


hamede said...

You get more money with exclusive,sprint,nextel,boost,virgin moble,if you want to keep t moble you will be exclusive+1,with less money.
thank you.

PALFORCE said...

+1 I need to make 40 min. and extra $15
Exclusive ( 50 min.) and $25 extra.

Not sure if I can hang with those numbers though :-)

khadijateri said...

If you've got 6 of those costumes you can have my kids and they will just act like they normally do. hehehehe