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Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is directed to Jordan Planet !

Salam, Not sure how long since I joined Jordan Planet, I enjoyed it and I enjoy reading some of the posts on a daily basis. I also see that there are more and more new comers which makes the Planet more colorful, but quite frankly , I see only ONE COLOR!! So, I'm gonna start a silent protest to demand more colors added to the Planet, I would like to see Jordanian Bloggers from Zarqah, Jabal Husain, Aqabah, Mokhayam Elbag3ah. I'm not very happy with upper class bloggers dominating the Planet, we need to see more diversity. I'm not sure if the GATE KEEPER is keeping them out , or there aren't any bloggers from those places I mentioned. Plus we don't have a SHAIKH BLOGGER. We need at least one shaikh blogger. All other Arab country bloggers have at least one shaikh blogger. Ok that's all for now, I had to get it out of my system, if I get some more rants I will surely let you guys know. Peace :-)


Tololy said...

Upper class?

Good demand though.

PALFORCE said...


I didn't mean to name it upper class, but what I should have used is CERTAIN class instead.

Thank you for the note.

bakka said...

I am Jordanian blogger from Aqaba :)


PALFORCE said...

Hala beek Bakkouz, one down 3 to go.

PALFORCE said...


I miss nady elyokhoot elmalaky and Romero as well :-(


Dar said...

SHAIKH BLOGGER , well ok sho bedi a3mel ya3ni , i will be that ! she3ari da2eman al rajol al monaseb fi al makan al monaseb !

PALFORCE said...


Thanks, I knew I can always depend on you .

Nas said...

i dont like the colours either. i mean that beige, cream, thing is just not going over well with me.

can we at least get some national colours going? it is Jordan after all :-D

Hamzeh said...

A blogger from Madaba!

sho, lissa biddak more colors.. ??

consider DAR a blogger from Irbid :p

PALFORCE said...


I appreciate your cries along with mine for more colors.

Let's create a new slogon:



Lina said...

Palforce, we've often discussed in our blogger meet-ups how the Jordanian blogosphere is not truly representative of the Jordanian community.. but it is unfair of you to assume that it is because of the 'Gatekeeper'! How many people in Jordan are aware of blogging? How many from ElBag3a camp for example have regular internet access to blog? Sadly, blogging, and awareness of what blogging is, is more accessible to a certain class than other!

This is something we'd all like to work towards changing! Any practical suggestions? How do we promote blogging across Jordan?

PALFORCE said...

Ya 7ajjeh Linda,

I did not assume anything I was just storming ideas about the reason why there aren't any from other cities.

And my suggestion for including Jordanians from the cities I mentioned is to maybe contact the schools and see if students would like to start blogging in school. Or maybe colleges.

Or if there are youth centers that has computers at it's facilities.

Ba3dain jordanians have broke the world record in haveing as many internet cafes in one street, so there are alot of internet users but not many are aware of blogging.

Here is a new task, we might need to market JP in more sectors than we did in the past.

PALFORCE said...


Ya 7ajjeh Lina not Linda,
My bad :-)

Lina said...

You're forgiven :)bs ma t3eedha :p

you're right that there are planety of Internet cafes, computer labs at schools and universities, but not much awareness of the concept and practice of blogging.. I think it would be very interesting to target schools, colleges and youth centers, to simply give them an introduction and explanation of it. I'd bet that once people find out how easy it is, the Jordanian blogosphere would be swarming with blogs from every corner of the country..

Rambling Hal said...

Totally understand what you hope JP can achieve, but then again, it's a 'certain' class that has constant access to a PC and to the Internet. Plus, there's the fact that hundreds of people whose lives centre around the Internet don't even know what a blog is. From my own friends, 0% have a blog, 10% know what a blog is, and only 5% read blogs regularly or show any interest. I don't get why - maybe I'm hanging out with the 'wrong' kind of people! Still, they're fun! ;)

I heard that a JP meeting was held recently, this past Thursday, and talk centred around how to get JP to become more visible, and people more aware of blogging, in order to create a larger database of bloggers in the country. Which means efforts are underway! Nice and positive.

Btw, thx for the comment on my young blog, I can't wait to join the JP too, but seems I have to be blogging for a month before I can apply...trying to be patient!

PALFORCE said...

Thanks Hala,

Welcome to my blog, here is a tip to speed the process of joining JP.
Leave alot of comments on JP blogs.

Rambling Hal said...

Hehehehe....DONE! I'm now officially on a mission. ;)