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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wikocracy !

Salam, Somebody sent me this email : A friend of mine suggested that you might be interested in a site I recently launched called Wikocracy ( It's a wiki site where you can edit the United States Constitution, the USA PATRIOT Act, Roe v. Wade and any other law you'd like to see changed. It's just been up for a week, and the response so far has been encouraging. I'd be very interested in any feedback or suggestions you might have. Here is an intro to the site: This is a test... To see what happens when everyone can write and revise the law. It may sound like a free-for-all. But that's exactly the point-- to make the process of law-making free for all. On this platform, you can freely edit the USA PATRIOT Act, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, your State's law on gay marriage, your city's zoning ordinances. If you'd like to change a law that is not yet on this platform, you can easily create a page and import the text you want to change. You can also write your own laws, post blogs, collaborate and spar with other users. Although there are some suggested guidelines and tips that will facilitate this experiment, there are no rules. Nothing on this platform is legally binding. One person's changes can be revised or reversed by the next. Over time, this platform could reflect a collaborative statement of what we think the law should be. Or it could reflect a moment-by-moment statement of the most recent editor's views. This will be as bloody or as civil as you make it... This is only a test. Peace

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