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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wedding Expenses in Amman

Salam, Hani has done a great post about wedding expenses in jordan; Low Fare: 9175 JD Mid Fare : 22600 JD High Fare:43800 JD CHECK IT OUT Firas also got another post on wedding expenses; CHECK IT OUT Peace


Rambling Hal said...

Hehehe, yet another reason not to get married!

kinzi said...

Ya Hala, I forgot to tell you one that as honorary xaalto at jp I always pray for good marriages for you single bloggers. It's an easy way to be a blessing.

Pal, I posted the costs of our wedding on Firas' blog, maye you should get married in the US!

Wael Attili said...

ok- I guess you can count me on the low far category and am glade I managed to do so.. :) this way I would like to thank my dearest wife for that..

Rebellious Arab Girl said...

wow.. isn't that too much for a wedding?? here in Canada it's not that much.. 10,000 - 15,000 max... i would rather have a cheap wedding an expensive honeymoon! :D

PALFORCE said...

Hala: Inty ma sada2ty?

Kinzi: I'm already married :P

Attilli: Read below, I got ya beat.

R.A.G.: I like the way you think.

OK people,
I got the best deal, in 1998 I went to Amman seeking unity, but things did not work out with all the girls I contacted (directly or indirectly)
but I did make few friends through the process.
Once I got back to the states, I figured that marying an Arab wasnt my thing I guess, things didn't work out and it's time to move on.
Then my wife to be which was a family friend kept in touch through emailes, and was very supportive and encouraging, so email after another things got upgraded..LOL
long story short, we decided for her to come and visit and check out god ol'e Bama.
But 3 weeks before she came I called her parents (by phone) and asked for her hand.
When she got here, we drove to the Mosque and got hitched, then next mornign we got married at the court house....NO WEDDING...NO GUESTS...NO FIREWORK....
Well, We still have firework but thats another story.
I think we both invested in this marriage, and God gifted us with 2 beautifull children.
So I guess I win the lowest cost of wedding .. sorry Kinzi :P


Firas said...

Thanks dude!

Anyways I've forgotten to mention the khteefeh wedding :D It's much cheaper

PALFORCE said...

Thanks Anon for the correction :-)