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Friday, September 01, 2006

Meet Dr. tareq Sweidan

Salam, Alot of time I had to drive a couple of hours on a daily basis back and forth to work for a long period of time and then after getting fed up with A.M radio, I was interduced to Dr. Sweidan. This is a person who lived a period of time in the US and is Kuwaiti, maybe becuase I was born in Kuwait, but the language he uses is something I can relate to alot. He not only talk about Islam, he also talks about:
- Alquds and the story of this great city: He also talks about how to Raise your children A & B. -How to change yourself:
Here are some of his lectures: 1 سلسلة الإعجاز في القرآن الكريم 2 سلسلة دعوة للنجاح 3 سلسلة الدورة الإدارية 4 سلسلة أحوال الأمة الإسلامية 5 سلسلة جدد إيمانك 6 سلسلة رتب حياتك 7 سلسلة تاريخ القدس وفلسطين 8 سلسلة الوقت في حياة المسلم كيف تغير نفسك9 طلب العلم 10 الإسلام ومنحنى التاريخ11 Here is another SITE that has more of his lectures. Peace

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