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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Israeli Kids!

Salam, We all saw Palestinian kids throwing rocks at the Israeli Army on the main stream media, Let's take a peak at what the Israeli kids are doing.. Thanks to Alb Sayed Peace


cecilbdemille said...

Nice video. It could use a bit of context, however. For instance, where were the Palestinians going to ? Or where were they coming from ?

Did you notice the Israeli soldiers were restraining the kids? If it were the other way around and there were Palestinian soldiers and Palestinian kids, what would the soldiers be doing ? Probably encouraging and helping the kids to attack.

Also please note the nobody was knocked unconscious or wounded or bleeding. Of course, i only point that out because you are featuring this video as the example of the worst kind of behaviour in which you could catch Israelis.

Keep looking.

PALFORCE said...

You are kidding right?
palestinian kids were going to school, let me direct you to the same video at a different blog.