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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Am I getting soft or is it just old age?

Salam, Can you check this (film Hindy) video and let me if it's sad or not? I just wanna check something. J-Entercom - Kiss - video powered by Metacafe


queenie said...

Oh God, that was beautiful.
It is sad, don't worry, you're having normal emotions :)

PALFORCE said...


Thanks alot, you have saved my fragile ego :-)

Welcome to my blog BTW.

Rebecca said...

1) I was totally distracted by what looked like a big old wedding band on his left hand. I couldn't figure out if he was supposed to be married, if Japanese don't wear wedding bands on the same finger we do, or if the actor just forgot to take it off. Anyway, I was distracted by it and found it hard to get emotionally attached to the relationship.
2) It was too predicable. At the point where I realized he is now blind, I thought "I've seen this somewhere before."
3) It doesn't make sense. What doctor would take BOTH of his eyes and give them to her? Why not take one, so they each have one good eye?
4) You set me up to expect it to be sad, so it would have had to be REALLY sad. If I weren't expecting it, it might have been sadder.

Sorry, I guess I'm too analytical and not very sentimental

PALFORCE said...

Dang it Rebecca I'm getting old.

Welcome to my blog :-)