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Thursday, September 14, 2006

How to Promote your Blog 101

Salam, Ok, I'm no expert on Blogs by no means, but I know enough to get me by, so what I'm about to post here is something I read somewhere and I'm going to post the source as well. What is a site feed? Syndication means that when you publish your blog, Blogger automatically generates a machine-readable representation of your blog that can be picked up and displayed on other web sites and information aggregation tools. Special pieces of software called Newsreaders (or Aggregators) can scan these feeds, automatically letting you know when the sites have updated. Examples are FeedDemon (Windows), Bloglines (web-based), and NetNewsWire and Shrook (Mac OS X). More are listed at One reason to syndicate your site is to gain a wider audience by attracting aggregator users. Other reasons are discussed at WebMonkey, Software Garden and Mezzoblue. SOURCE Now, There are Arabic Aggregators and there are International ones, all you have to do to join them is to suscribe to them, I'm going to list them all for you inshallah. ____________________________________________________ -Yahoo Feed submission page: -How to add a site to the Open Directory - - - -It is possible to suggest news sources through this form: -The Guardian Weblog Guide is one of the best online resources providing hand-picked lists of outstanding online Weblogs. The Guardian DOES NOT ACCEPT automatically any submission and it only accepts weblog recommendations, without ever linking to RSS feeds. More information on how to get in touch with The Guardian Newsblog can be found here -Add a newsfeed to the -Simply type your website/blog Internet address in the main search box and Technorati will start tracking you. Also it is possible to use the Technorati Ping-Site form (high priority indexing queue) which may help in this process. -Submitted sites must be news sites or weblogs that update and provide information on a timely basis. Other sites will not be included since this is a current events search engine. Enter the URL followed by a space followed by the word "news" or "weblog" depending on the category of your site. Example: " weblog" -Add a Site/RSS feed Page here: -Register at Bloglines and enter the MyBlogs area. There you can submit anyone RSS feed and have it automatically tracked by Bloglines. -Add your weblog/RSS feed by simply providing a URL and your email. -Suggest a quality RSS newsfeed here: -The Website Popularity Index. Worth a submission. - -Directory of existing RSS feeds. BlogStreet operates also Info Aggregator, an outstanding software-free service lets you subscribe to RSS feeds and have posts delivered via email. -A richer form to fill for this valuable online resource. But it is all in your interest. - -Submit directly on the home page. -Aggregating The Power Of Blogs -Must provide content category and author information. -Submit here: -Add a site directly. Need to specify a category among the ones available. -Submit directly here: -Personalized news aggregator -Register free here to add your blog: -Blogarama requires you provide a description and a username/password to submit your site/blog. -Need to register and log in to submit. -Submit your RSS feed here: -Not a high profile resource. Requires submission of email and registration username/password. -General directory of weblogs subdivided geographically and by content categories. - -Submission is as simple as it can get. -World Wide Blog. -A new kid on the block. Requires age, keywords and description on top of the basics.Submit here: -Submit here: -Right here: -Send a submission directly to:mailto:blaster[at] -Send a submission directly to:mailto:customerservice[at] -Submit directly here. Feed title, URL, description, email and name required for submission. -Suggest a site directly here: -Simple direct submission here: -Other news sources submissions are elcome: - -mailto:scott[at] -Submit your blog by emailing:mailto:email[at] (replace [at] with @) The site requests adding a link to Kmax Blog Links on your site before emailing as explained here: -Direct submission at: -Become a regular contributor by submitting your info here: submission of F. Andy Seidl -Add a feed or OPML list here: -Suggest A News Source here: - -Similar to Furl, delicious, and other collaborative social filtering systems, Spurl allows you to share and post links to relevant posts and articles. How to spurl? -You can directly submit one or more RSS feeds to BlogPulse here: -You can directly submit your RSS feed to easyRSS here: (bottom of page) -You can suggest your own RSS newsfeed to this email address: -You can suggest your own RSS newsfeed and rate others too right here: -Submission is very easy and straightforward and does not require registration. Just go to: and submit immediately your blog URL and description. -To submit your newsfeed you need simply to enter the URL and language of the feed at: All feeds require editorial approval. -You can directly submit your own blog URL and personal reference information at: -Feeds can be added immediately, with no registration or other data required other than the RSS feed URL right here: -To manually add your RSS/Atom feed to the Feed-Directory submit directly your feed at: -To submit your RSS/Atom feed to My MSN Portal you only need to submit your RSS feed URL into the "search for content to add" box. A Web page dialog will appear. Fill it in and click OK. Your RSS feed will be immediately added to MSN's crawl. Feed Inclusion -- Bloggers and other RSS feed owners are able to conveniently submit their feed for inclusion within the My MSN content search via Moreover's ping server. This Moreover powered feature is also of significance to the blogging community because any blogs in the Moreover system will now be available to the vast MSN community of users. According to a new press release: "Bloggers wishing to submit their feeds to Moreover for inclusion within the MSN Content Search can visit -To submit your blog to Blogrankings, you need to select a category and click on Add a Blog from the top of the page. Enter your blog title, site URL, e-mail address, country, language and description. Information on how to submit is at: -Add your blog here: -"To submit your Blog to Bloggernity" please go to this page, you need to input the type, name, description and category of your Blog, plus your contact name and your e-mail. SOURCE __________________________ Here are some of the Arabic Aggregators: -Jordan Planet. -Sawtona. -Palestinian Blogs. -Lebanese Blogs. -Syrian Planet. -Egyption Blogs. -Kuwait Blogs. -Iraqi Blogs. -Bahraini Blogs. -Saudi Blogs. -UAE Blogs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now all you have to do is visit any of those Aggregators and submit your blogs...*phewwwwwww*.. T3ebet wana copy/paste, I need a thumb massage,LOL. Peace


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