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Monday, September 04, 2006

About the shooting in downtown Amman

Allahumma A'izzal Islaama wal muslimeen Oh Allah give honour and dignity to islam and the muslims Wa adhilla shirka wal mushrikeen And humiliate shirk and the mushrikeen Wal kufra wal kaafireen and kufr and the kaafireen Wa dammir a'da ad-deen and destroy the enemies of this deen Allahummansoor ikhwaananal mujaahideena fi Oh Allah, grant victory to our brothers the mujahideen in filastin/quds/khurasan/hind/sheeshan palestine/afghanistan/india/chechnya Allahumma thabbit aqdamahum Oh Allah, Make firm their feet wa thabbit qulubahum and their hearts wa thabbit imaanahum and their imaan Allahumma 'alaika bi a'da ad-deen Oh Allah, I direct you the the enemies of this deen Allahumma sallit 'alayhim ree ha 'aad Oh Allah send upon them the wind wa sayhata thamud and the shout of thamud wa thoofana qawmi nuh and the strom of nuh AS Allahumma zalzil aqdamahum Oh Allah, shake the ground beneath their feets wa saqqat thayyarahum and take down their planes Allahumma Dammir juyushul Amriikaa, wa biritaaniya, wa roosia Oh Allah, destroy the armies of america, britain and russia Allahumma dammir al yahooda, wan-nasaara, wal mushrikeen Oh Allah, destroy the jews and the christians and the pagans Allahumma a'idil masjidal aqsa ila rihabil muslimeen Oh Allah, reyrn masjidal Aqsa to the muslims Nasalukal ankidil aqsa minkabaratil yahood We ask you to make Aqsa a grave for the yahood _________________________ This was a prayer by some Imam I heard through my life and to be totally honest, I have issues with this prayer; I mean whoever wrote this prayer? Our Prophet Mohamad (pbuh) never wished anything bad for anyone even his enemies. Here is something from the story of his life:
The Prophet's generosity even towards his enemies stands unique in the annals of te world. 'Abdullah ibn Ubayy, the head of the hypocrites, was a sworn enemy of Islam, and his days and nights were spent in plotting mischief against the Muslims. Yet at his death, the Prophet prayed to the Lord to forgive him and even granted his own shirt to enshroud his body. The Meccans, who had all along subjected him and his friends to the most barbarous tortures, were not only awarded a general amnesty but were let off even without a reproof. Twenty long years of persecutions and warfare were absolutely forgiven and forgotten. "The magnanimity with which Muhammad treated a people who had so long hated and rejected him is worthy of all admiration," says Muir. The fact is that no other example is met with in history of such magnanimous forgiveness of inveterate enemies, who had shed innocent blood, who had shown no pity for helpless men, women and children, who had exerted themselves to their utmost to kill the Prophet and to annihilate the Muslims. The prisoners of war were almost always set free even without demanding a ransom. It was only in the case of the prisoners of Badr that ransom was demanded; after that, hundreds of prisoners and in one case, in the battle with Hawazin, as many as six thousand, were released without taking a pice as ransom. At the battle of Uhud, when he was wounded and fell, down, a comrade asked him to curse his persecutors. His reply was: I have not been sent to curse but as an inviter to good and mercy. O Lord ! guide my people, for they know not." Once a Bedouin pulled him and threw his wrap round his neck. When asked why he should not be repaid in the same coin, he pleaded that he (the Prophet) never returned evil for evil. In the administration of justice, the Prophet was scrupulously even-handed. Muslims and non-Muslims, friend and foe, were all alike in his eyes. Even before the Call, his impartiality his honesty and integrity were of household fame, and people would bring their disputes to him to settle. At Medina, tie Jews and the idolaters both accepted him as the arbitrator in all their disputes. Notwithstanding the deep-rooted malice of Jews against Islam, when a case between a Jew and a Muslim came up before him, he decreed in favour of the Jew, regardless of the fact that the Muslim, nay, even perhaps the whole of his tribe, might thereby be alienated. In his dealings with his worst enemies he was always true to the Quranic injunction which says: "Let not hatred of a people incite you not to act equitably; act equitably, that is nearer to piety." [5:8] On his death-bed, immediately before he breathed his last, he had it Publicly announced: "If I owe anything to anybody, it may be claimed; if I have offended anybody, he may have his revenge." In his dealings with others he never placed himself on a higher pedestal. Once while he held the position of a king at Medina, a Jew whom he owed some money came up to him and began to-abuse him. 'Umar was enraged, but the Prophet rebuked him, saying: "It would have been meet for thee to have advised both of us - me, the debtor to repay the debt with gratitude,and him, the creditor, to demand it in a more becoming manner." And he paid the Jew more than his due. On another occasion when he was out in the wood with his friends, the time for preparation of food came. Everybody was allotted a piece of work, he himself going out to pick up fuel. Spiritual and temporal overlord though he was, he would yet do his share of work like an ordinary man. In his treatment of his servants, he observed the same principle of equality. A report from Anas says that during the ten years that he was in the Prophet's service at Medina, where he ultimatcly became the master of the whole of Arabia, he was not once scolded by him. He never kept anybody in slavery. As soon as he got a slave, he set him free.
Source:The Prophet Muhammad by Muhammad AliLahore, India (1946) _______________________________ Now let's get back to 2006, Some maniac opened fire in downtown Amman, Jordan killing a British man and injuring few more foreigners. I mean why would some sane person do such deed, and claim it is in the name of Islam! I want everyone to know that Islam and our Prophet Mohamad (pbuh) are innocent from all this barbaric violence. The "West" is not our enemy, and fighting the enemy should be only in self defense. I urge every so called Muslim to read about Islam and not follow some ignorant Imam who calls for the destruction of all non-Muslims. Peace

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