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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Salam, So Ramadan is near and I'm still away from home, and as we all know Ramadan in the US has no real value. So, here are few links about Ramadan, hope you like them: SOURCE And last but not least a repost for Ramadan food I did from last year: Regional recipes Middle Eastern Recipes A large collection compiled by Christina al-Sudairy Middle Eastern recipes (Epicurious) Middle Eastern Recipe ArchivesCollection of easy Middle Eastern Usenet recipes. Islamic dishes with vegetablesOld recipes adapted to the modern kitchen. Islamic dishes without vegetablesOld recipes adapted to the modern kitchen. Vegetarian Soups from the Middle Eastby Habeeb Salloum Egypt Egyptian recipes (Searchable Online Archive of Recipes) Tasty vegetarian recipes from Egyptby Marie Henein Iraq Iraqi cookbook Recipes and notes on Iraqi cuisine, by Nawal Nasrallah Jordan Jordan's gastronomic adventureIntroduction to the food and a recipe for mansaf Jordanian cuisineIncludes recipes for mansaf, and stuffed lamb Lebanon Lebanese recipes A large selection including starters, salads, main dishes and sweets ( Lebanese recipes (Searchable Online Archive of Recipes) Miscellaneous recipes Mainly Lebanese mezze dishes Libya Libyan recipes Fifty-nine recipes translated from a Libyan cookbook Libyan cuisine by Daniel Rogov. Includes six recipes Morocco Moroccan recipes (Searchable Online Archive of Recipes) Moroccan cuisine 30 recipes by Abderrahim Bargache, who presents a weekly cookery programme on Moroccan television Moroccan recipes (Epicurious) Moroccan food and recipes (al-Bab) Palestine Palestinian RecipesAppetizers, salads, main dishes, and deserts MaqlubaRecipe for the traditional upside-down dish with rice and aubergine MusakhkhanTraditional Palestinian dish with chicken and onions Saudi Arabia Saudi recipesFrom Shafik al-Mansur Syria Syrian recipesIncluding Aleppo lentil soup, samaka harra and sesame muffins Syrian cuisineMezze, main dishes and desserts Syrian food ( Syrian Recipesby Martha Haddad Tunisia Introduction to Tunisian cuisine ( Brik DannouniWith lamb and cheese Potato Briks with olives and capersRecipe for a savoury pastry Tunisian recipesFive favourites 'Ujja bi'l-HrusSpicy eggs and sweet peppers, by Clifford Wright CouscousWith chicken Khadidja's TabilTunisian spice mix of coriander, caraway, garlic powder, and chili powder KhoukhaTajine of beef and peas Masfouf de TunisSemolina dessert, from "The Great Book of Couscous" by Copeland Marks Salata MishwiyyaSalad of grilled peppers, tomatoes and tuna, by Clifford Wright SamsaCrisp almond and sesame pastries Tajine d'artichauts TunisienneLamb, eggs and artichokes Couscous with fennel, red peppers and garlicA vegetarian dish, by Paula Wolfert Tunisian Food InformationA collection of mainly vegetarian recipesHarisaHot chilli sauce, by Clifford WrightCookery notesGlossary Some of the Arabic terms used in recipesSpice guide Names of spices in English and Arabic, including Arabic scriptSesame seeds Their history and use, including some recipes.Saffron History and use, including some recipes.Cinnamon History and use, including some recipes.Coriander History and use, including some recipes. Islamic Dinner Interesting, but not something you're likely to try at home - unless you want to cook for 250 people using old recipes from the 10th to 15th centuries The Lebanese food experienceNotes on Moroccan cuisineMany cookery experts rate Moroccan cuisine among the best in the world. These notes explain why (with some menus and recipes)Islam and foodWhat is halal?Muslim Food Board (UK)Is your diet halal? Muslim Food Board (UK)Haram foodsA list of what should not be eaten Ramadan: what is it?A brief explanation of the Muslim month of fasting Fasting during Ramadan The rules and the benefits, by Sheikh Mohammad bin Saleh Al-Othaimeen Peace

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Omernos said...

HAPPY RAMADAN to you too Khaled! :D

same case in stupid England,
you don't feel it at all.

At home,
every single thing feels like Ramadan! :D

I'll try my best in fooling myself that it's all Ramadany around me! hehehe