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Friday, September 23, 2005

Dave Chappelle

OK, One of my all time favorite comedy shows is The Dave Chappelle Show. I don't get his show on TV anymore but I check him out on Comedy Central from time to time. Here are the funniest 2 episodes of his show that when I watch them I can't stop cracking up like a hyena; 1- Chappelle's Show: Wayne Brady Here are my favorite lines: -Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch? -Goodevevning Bitches. - It's me baby, we black actors, we black actors. 2- Chappelle's Show: Black Bush Here is my all time favorite line: - Oil? What Oil?! Bitch you Cooking? Peace


Luai said...

Only to make you jealous, I'm going to see him live next Friday. :-)

Reema said...

I watch his show from time to time on comedy central, my favourite was when he made himself look like a white man showing different reactions he got from people, that was so FUNNY LOL

PALFORCE said...

Luai: !!!??????
I hate you :-(
Rick James Bitches !! lol

Reema: He is one funny shusmo.