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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kicking Ass in Pool

I and my friend Ayman play pool every now and then. Well, he plays almost daily because they got a pool table at work. So we practices almost daily, today after a meal of Chinese food, he asked me to go get my ass kicked by the master of pool (Ayman). I said why not.... Well, here he is crying like a little girl after I beat him 6-0. He later on switched to a big boy face and told me: WHAT HAPPENED AT POOL TABLES STAYS AT POOL TABLES, I DONT WANT ANYONE KNOWING ABOUT THIS. Of course I told him sure thing buddy cheer up. While in my mind I was saying: THIS IS TOTALLY GOING ON MY BLOG. Tehehehehehe, T3eesh ew tokel gheerha. Peace


raindrop said...


you are so mean..!
whatta secret keeper you are heh ;)

Reema said...

LOL loved this post, the story even comes with a pic ;)