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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


OK this is silly I know, but bare with moi :-) So, I got me a new cellphone and as you know cellphones in the US are are so old fashion, the ME and the rest of the world got us beat in that area. So, I'm trying to add real music to my mobile cause its capable of playing real music, well to buy one through my carrier its about $3 almost, but there is always a short cut. First you would need the Datacable, then let's hope it has a software with the cable, mine was a freebie from a friend and it didn't have one, so what I did is go to the manufacture site (SonyEricsson) and searched for my phone (Z500a) and then downloaded the software that syncs sounds and pics to and from my PC to my phone. Well, now we are half way there, all I'm missing is music, after reading around a full MP3 song wont fit on my phone it has to be about 20 second long only. so there is the hard way and the easy way. Ofcourse I went for the easy way which is go to Walmart music section and each CD should have asample of its songs in MP3 format which is the exact size I need for my cellphone. And again Walmart came to the rescue :-) so I downloaded loads of clips and uploaded them to my phone, the funny part Walmart has some Arabic music aswell. Peace

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