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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Bloger

Salam, I would like to introduce a new friend to the blog world :-) Majdooleh ________________________________________________________________ Now you can Search Blogs by Google . ________________________________________________________________ Tagged by thelivedexperience "Thanks for the Tag :-)":
  • Seven things you plan to do before you die: 1) Finish Grad school. 2) Put my wife through school. 3) Attend my kids graduations. 4) Pay off my Debts & Dues. 5) Make peace with myself/old friends/family. 6) Go to Haj. 7) visit Algeria one more time.

  • Seven things you can do: 1) I can fix computers. 2) I can make a mean dish of (FOOL). 3) I can tell you everything you need to know about Cellphones in the states. 4) I can almost research anything on the internet. 5) I can play the Tablah. 6) I can draw Mickey Mouse face. 7) I can whistle most Om Kalthoum songs.

  • Seven things you say most: 1) Jazaka Allah kher. 2) Allah yehdeeh. 3) Brinji. 4) Kashal. 5) 3azchanat. 6) For Shizzle. 7) Y'all aint from around here?

  • Seven things You can't do: 1) I can't play the Oud. 2) I can't play the keyboard. 3) I can't sing if my life depended on it. 4) I can't code. 5) I cant seem to learn ACCESS. 6) I can't say: Title Clerk when they are together. 7) I can't fix cars.

  • Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex: 1) Wit. 2) Humor. 3) Uniqueness. 4) Genuinity. 5) Spirituality. 6) Class. 7) Love for kids.


Roba said...

Jordan Planet ;)

PALFORCE said...


Majdooleh said...

Thanks Pal, but I'm not a new friend. We've been friends since '97. Duh! :-P