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Monday, September 05, 2005

Solidarity Design

SOLIDARITY DESIGN was started up with the specific objective of helping get the Palestinian voice across the Internet by providing web-related services to Palestinian organizations. Our philosophy is that greater awareness of the Palestinian issue leads to greater support for the Palestinian cause. The advent of the Internet has presented an unsurpassed vehicle for achieving this, and we encourage activists to make maximum use of it in countering the pro-Israel media machine. SOLIDARITY DESIGN is aware that most activist groups, and most Palestinian organizations have tight budgets - therefore, we render our services to them at no profit*, effectively working "at cost". SOLIDARITY DESIGN offers the full range of Web services, including consulting, domain registration, web hosting, web design, and website promotion. * The discount is applicable to organizations which have limited budgets and fall into the following categories: i) Organizations physically located in occupied Palestine and contributing to the cause, ii) Organizations outside of Palestine that actively support the Palestinian cause. SOLIDARITY DESIGN will use its sole discretion in determining whether an organization qualifies for the discount. Kindly e-mail us your organization's mission in order to have your request processed. ______________________________________________________________ was our first website production. The website is geared towards providing information about the Palestinian intifada, including news, analysis, statistics, links, diary, martyrs list, and political cartoons. Now in its third version, features a weekly topic spotlight. Click here to ________________________________________________________________ is a site dedicated to the heroic American activist, Rachel Corrie. Rachel was mowed down by an Israeli bulldozer as she tried to stop it from demolishing a Palestinian family home in Rafah, Gaza. Click here to _________________________________________________________________ sells books and documentary films about Palestine, as well as arts and crafts, and solidarity items. Its dual objective is to promote excellent resources about Palestine, as well as benefit the Palesitnian economy by marketing Palestinian-made products. A portion of the not-for-profit's proceeds go towards humanitarian relief in Gaza via the US-based charity KinderUSA. Click here to visit _________________________________________________________________ SOLIDARITY DESIGN can be reached at: E-Mail : Postal : 4750 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 237, Marina del Rey, CA 90292, U.S.A. Peace


Reema said...

I love the new look!

raindrop said...

nice new design :-)
i need a new look for my blog as well, i need it blue :D
any ideas ?

PALFORCE said...

Thanks, I went to work as usualy but something weird happend, I was suppose to be off and I didnt know it, so I spent the whole day redesigning my blog :-)

I got my template from this site (

Although I liked the Luna Park template, I didnt know how to upload the pics to the webserver, so I picked the text template :-|

The second thing I did was collecting all the sites I go to everyday and inserted them in my blog (hotmail-gmail...) and made my blog my homepage, to force me to blog more often :-) yupe I'm becoming and ADDICT.