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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mercury Grand Marquis

OK, admitting the fact that blogs has better ranks when googling, Here is my shameless plug: I'm looking for Mercury Grand Marquis Nationwide, from 1995-2004 . If you are a dealer and need to find someone to buy all your trade ins, I'm your man, email me : Cheers :-) Peace


Luai said...

I have a auto dealer license and have employees attending auctions in the Detroit metro area in Michigan. These cars of course are purchased "as is". Many are from dealer lots though, and they usually go for very reasonable prices. May are high milage cars though...but if you are looking to export that may not be an issue. I will look for some specifics and let you know. BTW, I have sent 2 Jeeps to Jordan for personal use and have one available for purchase.

PALFORCE said...


Can you email me at

So we can exchange phone #.