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Friday, August 05, 2005

Background Music Vote

OK, I'm going to add a background music for a couple of weeks only , cause I know it gets kinda annoying after a while. But I need help picking the right midi and I would like your help :-) Here are my options, I know everyone has his own taste but we are going with the most votes :P 1- Going_Out_Of_My_Head.mid (Fat Boy Slim). 2- IJustWantToBeYourEverything1.mid ( Bee Gees). 3- I_Aint_Mad_Atcha.mid ( Tupac). 4- Winner_Takes_It_All.mid ( ABBA). 5- Sandstorm.mid ( Darude). *Voting ends August 7th. Peace PALFORCE


PALFORCE said... has been shotdown due to the massive incomming votes.
na2saf lehatha elkhalal alfanni.
Thank you for your patience and we shall resume our regular program DARB EZALAG shortly.
..OK I admit not a single vote, another Mashroo3 fashil. lol

Music background gotta go by the end of today :-(

raindrop said...


i vote for NONE anyway :P

Reema said...

It took me forever to figure out how to play MP3 for background music (didn't like midi files), i had to convert the file from MP3 to Real player to make the size smaller now i'm wondering if i should keep the background music or not..

Anonymous said...

thanks for making it end

PALFORCE said...


LOL I can hear you screaming: Make it stop make it stop.

I finally came to my senses and put an end to your agony :-)

Anonymous said...

sanxxxxxxxx sooo much it was so startling the 1st time

Anonymous said...

sanxxxxxxxx sooo much it was so startling the 1st time

raindrop said...

keep it reema, i like it :D