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Friday, August 19, 2005

Spontaneously hired

Spontaneous Ok, so I was driving around and going to hospitals, colleges and ended up at some computer lab. I was looking for extra work. I think I applied for like 30 companies lol. Then I found someone who was looking for independent contractors which is what I was looking for exactly, but what attracted my attention was that he wanted anyone who wants the job to call him ASAP. Which I did, he asked me for my resume and W9, which I faxed for him instantly, then 15 minutes later he calls me back and asks about my computer experience and I told him I have 7 years in computer repair and upgrade experience. Then he asks about printers I told him I dealt with laser printers before, and then he asks if I know about Jukeboxes and I had to ask him: DO WHAT? He goes: do you know jukeboxes? I said yes, I do but never messed with them before, but I’m sure I can figure them out with some basic training. He said OK thank you. Then I hung up and got back into searching for other companies. Then my phone rings again, and it was him he asks me to go to another city that is like 50 miles away and work on a touch screen , Well I wanted to ask so many questions but I said let’s not spook the heard. So I got into my car and went to the assigned restaurant and called the manager on my way telling her I’m the ( touch screen tech guy) while in reality I never even touched one before lol. There is a funnier part which is, I have no clue who this guy work for and where da heck is the company I’m suppose to be “ working for”. LoL I was like, well let’s see where this gonna lead to. When I got there I met with the manger and she told me that the Touch Screen has a bad CALIBRATION, and I was like: (in my mind) what da heck is calibration? It rhymes with satisfaction, so “I got no Calibration” stuck in my mind. SO I called Steve( my new employer) and asked him : Alright man I’m on site and looking at the Touch Screen anddddddddddddddddddddddd “ I HAVE NOOOOO CALIBRATION”. LoooL Well, he calmly asked me to call a 1-800 and they would walk me through. I said OK, easy enough I called and was transferred to TOM who thinks he is the NCR Geekmiester, and was like ok take the screen off and I was like: and how do we do that TOM?! He was like: what? Is this your first day? I was like: now I know why they pay you the big bucks. LoL So, He walked me through that part, then he goes: you see where the pin on the motherboard, INSTALL THE CARD!!!1 I was like: er… What Card?! He goes: The Card. I go: Well, I hate to break it to you but I didn’t bring any equipments with me, (didn’t wanna through Steve under the bus from the first day. Then he goes: Let me call Steve. Steve calls me and tells me we got to order the part and once they get it they will call you to come back. Well, by that time on my way back, I don’t know who I work for and my job description is grey :-0 Then once I got home I traced the email and looked up the IP and found out the name of the company and Steve has sent me a manual for the NCRs , I guess I will be in charge of maintaining the NCRs (Cashier Systems) for a chain of restaurants. The pay was sweet and school is still going good. Oh, and yes I forgot to mention, I quit my present job. So much for an off day huh? :-)


raindrop said...

off day? i thought it was "looking for job" day ;)

good luck :)

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Reema said...

Congrats on the new job, i was just talking to my husband the other day about getting a job myself, although i don't need the money but I'm bored to death and have a lot of spare time. I wish i could find a job opening at Barnes and noble or any bookstore, i so love to be near books :)