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Monday, August 22, 2005


Anwar Bu Dragh can make the Rababah Cry. Check out the song: Intithar . Also check out My love eyes. ____________________________________________ Here is another music site that has good old music. Enjoy :-) Peace


Reema said...

My DH loved it! thanks :)

Laith said...

Taslam ya basha....i have lost the link for anwar a year or two ago and i couldn't find that site. I have been craving the sound of that instrument, which is actually a bit more complicated than al-rababa...its called Al-jawzah. It's sound is deeper and is more structured in its playing. While the rababa tends to compliment the players voice.

But thanks man for the links

PALFORCE said...

Reema: Anytime :-)

Laith: I have the same experience with this Artist, I found him on a year or so ago then he vanished, the other day I had my best friend from a year ago visiting and while chatting I asked him does he still remember the Rababah player( Goozah) he goes Anwar Bu Dragh? and we found him again.
Thank you for the music lesson, I stand corrected. :-)