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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Free Stats on your Blog visitors

Salam, Want to know who/when/how/where visit your Blog? Here is a pretty good Stat that I found and it's free. Nedstat Basic 3.0 provides information about the browsers, operating systems, screen sizes, color depths and plug-ins used. Needless to say, the data you have built up will be retained. This can be retrieved in a new layout. If you want to use all the new options, you need to take the following steps: Create a new MyNedstat account. You can obtain an overview of all your counters via this account. Here you can compare the results of the counters and change the settings of the different counters. Add your existing counters to the MyNedstat account. To do this you need the counter name and the associated password. (TIP: if you do not know the counter name, look on the statistics page, where the counter name is shown at the end of the URL after 'name ='). If you have forgotten your password click 'password 2.0' on top of this page to request a new password. It will be sent to the e-mail address we already have for you. If this address is no longer correct, you will have to create a new counter. You must replace the Nedstat Basic code in your web page so you can measure new information about your visitors. You replace the current code with the one that has been sent to you. You can also find this code in your MyNedstat account. The catalogue has been completely upgraded. Amongst other things, many more categories have been added. We recommend that you reset the category of the different counters in order to end up in the right hit list. You can find more information in the FAQ We wish you success and lots of fun with your new Nedstat Basic. Peace :-)


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