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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Stickless Pool

Salam, I remember in the 80's we used to play pool in Kuwait before there were pool tables places :-) It was a small Square table with holes in each corner ,just like the pool table rules I guess but instead of balls we had chips and before we play we wipe the table with baby powder LOL. I wonder if they still have these tables available for purchase. Anyone know? Wow, Ramadan almost here , this would be my 4th Ramadan Smoke Free :-) I think Ramadan is the best time to start new resolutions. Quitting bad habits is a lot easier in Ramadan. Hmm, wonder what should I quit this year? Or what good habit I should grow? I think I need to Pray Hard! (Nike)LOL No, with all seriousness I need to pray more and more on time as well. Kids pick up on your habits (good or bad) watch what you are doing around your kids, this generation do what you do not what you say, zaman awal ta7awal. Peace

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dogbert said...

Are you talking about Carrom Board? If so, then that's still pretty big in the Indian subcontinent. I used to kick some serious ass at Carrom.