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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm tagging myself damn it :-)

Ok, A lot of tagging going around, Why wait for things to happened when you can create it by yourself !
  • 10 years ago: I became part of a radio morning show.
  • 5 years ago: I got hitched.
  • 1 year ago: I started my own business.
  • Tomorrow: I have a class.
  • Three snacks I enjoy: Banana nut muffins - Halloom sandwich - Manaqeesh.
  • Three bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs: Lionel Richie - BeeGees - Abba (please refrain from all old fart jokes :-) ).
  • Three things I'd do with $100,000,000: 1- $50K buy an apartment in Jordan. ( I'll settle for one in tabarboor) 2- $30K send to my family. 3- $20K Sadaqah, 3ashan elbarakah.
  • Three locations I'd like to run away to: 1- Jerusalem. 2- My grandparents house on the top of the mountain in Jenin back in 1976. 3- My inner child.
  • Three bad habits I have: 1- Lazy praying habits. 2- Over eating. 3- Not enough work out.
  • Three things I like doing: 1- Going to school. 2- Working hard. 3- Getting online.
  • Three things I will never wear: 1- Silk Shirt. 2- Gold. 3- Deshdasha.
  • Three TV shows I like: 1- Inxs Rockstar. 2- The daily show with Jon Stewart. 3- CIS.
  • Three movies I like: 1- Crash. 2- Flatliners. 3- Matrix.
  • Three people I'd like to meet: 1- Dr. Tarek Sweedan. 2- Ralph Nader. 3- Hanan Ashrawy (again, because we meet briefly).
  • Three biggest joys at the moment: 1- Birth of your child. 2- Graduating. 3- Surviving your kids graduation.
  • Three favorite toys: 1- My modded XBOX with a 120G HD. 2- My 4 laptops that I keep fixing. 3- my new keyboard that I haven't learned one note yet. ( kids wont let me).
  • I'm Tagging: Me, Myself, and I.



Ziad said...

What will you do with the $99,900,000 that you will have left? :)

PALFORCE said...


I was about 3 zeros off.

Just multiply my figures by 1000


lulu said...

I wish $50K would buy an apartment in Jordan these days. I was just there in the summer and prices are going through the roof!