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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Rockabilly vs Jesse James

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Flash Funk

Mankind vs Rocky Maivia

Ahmed Johnson vs Crush vs Savio Vega vs Faarooq

Ken Shamrock vs Vader

The Undertaker va Steve Austin


none said...

I used to be a WWE addicted (yes i know it's pathetic) i even went to their matches and took loads of pics of Shawn michaels, undertaker the late British bulldog and so on but i lost interest when it became a silly soap opera with sexual theme.

Linda said...

its wwe now buddy!

i too used to be a big fan. and not just any fan, but like obsessed.

when the rock stopped showing up, I stopped watching it regularly.

PALFORCE said...

Yall buncha in-closet Wreslting fans :P

I'm sure there are more of us around.

Your Friend :) said...

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