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Friday, August 26, 2005

New Job

Salam, Remember Steve from My previous post. Well, I only got 2 jobs from him and I this wasn't good, I cant survive like that. So I went on applying for jobs everywhere, places I always wanted to work for but never had the opportunity to apply there in the past, I guess I got pretty desperate :-) Then I hear of a couple of Arabic friends who has been in the car business for a long time and recently started exporting car to Saudi. They are moving a high volume of cars and looking for someone to organize the operation for them and in the mean time be their Online Car Buyer, which is something I always wanted , plus it is salary plus commission. The funny part was that they did their research for this position and came to the conclusion that Khaled (moi) was the right person for this position. So I got hired and I love the new job. Then something crazy happens, UAB which is like the largest university in our state called wanted to interview me for a PC Tech. position which is something I also always wanted lol, but I guess ALQANA3AH KANZON LA YOFNA. So I just pretended as if this call never happened and stuck to my current job. I have an interview with the MBA Dean in this other University, so far I have been looking at Faulkner (which is my current school), UAB which is huge in the medical area and they have a unique program of MBA associated with medical equipment degree. UA which is the fanciest one but also most expensive, and now Samford, not only it is mighty close to my home, but it also has a one year program and even shorter for those of business administration major such as moi. Ok, you guys are lucky I have heartburn, otherwise I would be in bed snoring. :P Peace


raindrop said...

well, congratulations :-)
and good luck my friend!!

bastanna el 7alwan :D

Reema said...

Congrats :)